The Dream Team!

The Dream Team!

Happy January! I hope the holiday season has been wonderful for you all!
Last year was a huge success for me and Chanii B. This year marks the 5th year Chanii B has been walking the world on the feet of exciting people with adventurous lives like you. I hope your Chanii B's have been comfortable and made your special days fabulous and ones to remember!

I will be sharing with you exciting stories and inspirations throughout the year, and my journey of design and passion that makes Chanii B so unique from the average shoe company! For the first blog of the year I thought I'd introduce the Chanii B dream team! 

Chloe - Graphic Designer/PA 
Chloe is my right hand girl, my second brain! She started at Chanii B just over two and a half years ago as a Graphic design apprentice and since qualifying she has taken on the job of Graphic designer/PA as a full time role. 

Hannah - Design Apprentice 
Hannah is the newest member of the Chanii B team. She's just started a Design apprenticeship with me and across the two year programme she will learn all aspects of the design process. She has been a great addition to the team and is the 'Ying to our Yang!'

Sheila - Manager 
Sheila is the manager of the shop. She takes care of the day to day running and oversees everything that happens in Bath. All the girls love working with her as she is always making us all laugh! 

Aurelie - Sales Assistant 
Aurelie came to Chanii B as a French student for 6 months to learn English. Her love and passion of the brand and the UK earned her a place as part of the team, and she's still here today! She can be found in the shop where she will be happy to help you find the perfect shoe. 

Georgie - Sales Assistant
Georgie's time at Chanii B began as a weeks work experience almost two years ago. Her attitude to work and passion for fashion gave her a flare that impressed me, after she completed her work experience I offered her a Saturday job with us and she's still here. We plan to have Georgie as an apprentice once she has finished her A-Levels!  

Eve & Merv - Admin Team 
Eve & Merv are the admin team for Chanii B, these two do all the behind the scenes work to make sure that we all get the shoes that we all crave each season! 

Here's a photo from our recent Christmas meal. This was such a fun evening I got to share with all my brilliant staff! 

I'm sure I'll see you - and sign your new Chanii B purchases, in the new year! 
Thank you for all your support and obsession for Chanii B. Wait until you see what's coming for spring... But in the meantime remember we have the end of year sale this month! There are some great end of lines I will not be making again that are amazing but only a few pairs to choose, are yours still there? 
Happy new years and warm wishes to you and your families! X 

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