Chanii B shoes on display at the Fashion Museum, Bath

Chanii B in Shoephoria!

Earlier this year we received the most exciting invitation to be a part of the Fashion Museum exhibition Shoephoria! in our home town of Bath. You will find our iconic 'Honey' and 'Pointure' styles alongside 350+ pivotal pieces of footwear both from history and modern day. 

Chanii B design sketches on Pointure style

Be sure to check it out for yourself next time you're in Bath (and come and say hello to us in store afterwards!) but until then here's a little preview:

Heel design sketches on Chanii B pointure style

To find out more about the exhibition and book tickets, click here.

Chanii B shoes in Shoephoria exhibition in the Fashion Museum, Bath

Exhibition ends 24th April 2022. 

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