The Chanii B Diaries - Entry 4 cowhide accessories

Welcome to the Chanii B diaries where we will be taking you on a journey to discover more about Chanii B and the designer behind it!

The next Chapter of the Chanii B diaries is exploring the world of cowhide accessories... 

Riche is such a versatile handbag with so many colours.. fuchsialeopard printnavyzebraand so many more. 
This great cowhide handbag has a lovely long strap as well as a short strap if you prefer to carry your bag on your arm/ in your hand.
It's not only you that can rock Chanii B! Your pets can too, with these beautiful cowhide pet collars that are decorated with Swarovski crystal or stud finishes and are leather lined. They come in many sizes as well!
Fun cowhide keychains make it easy to find your keys in your bag. These can also be worn around your wrist, meaning it's so easy to hold your shopping and have your keys out at the same time. 
OMG! black rainbow Unicorn & white rainbow Unicorn bags! Mila is her name and isn't she so beautiful with the rainbow leather placed differently on each bag. It also has a long strap and a short strap so you can carry this bag how ever you like.
This pony hide clutch is perfect for carrying all of your necessities for a night out or to help organize your busy life thanks to the different compartments inside. There are zip compartments, card slots and even room for your phone. This beautiful cowhide clutch comes in many colours leopard, navy, black rainbow unicorn and many more.
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