The Chanii B Diaries - Entry 7 cork footbed continues...

Welcome to the Chanii B diaries where we will be taking you on a journey to discover more about Chanii B and the designer behind it!

The next Chapter of the Chanii B diaries is exploring the world of cork footbeds...
Cork footbeds and soles are natural, heat resistant, and long-wearing and the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they'll be for you. This is because the natural heat from your feet helps the footbed mold to the shape of your foot.

Our cork footbed shoes fit wider than our other shoes so we suggest going down a size.

Frappe's beautiful open design is a great universal shoe as it can accommodate for people with high insteps as well as people with narrow or broader ankles, as the ribbon fastening allows you to adjust it to your needs. The ribbon is also fully removable so if you want your shoes to match your accessories or outfit you can change it. The stunning architecturally inspired heel, wearable heel height and cork platform make this shoe extremely comfortable and stylish for all day wear.
The heel weight is 3.25" but with the 0.75" platform the overall heel height becomes 2.50"

Frappe comes in 

Who doesn't love Prosecco! This chunky heel is made from a stunning multi cloured leather and this leather is so versatile because depending on the colour of your outfit will depend on what colours get picked up in the leather of the shoe so you can match this shoe with so many colours! Prosecco comes with a removable strap and a beautiful fuchsia ribbon. This shoe has a 1" platform and 3" heel which means the overall heel height is only 2".


Frisson is an amazing cork footbed shoe, the colouring is perfect for weddings and summer events. The leather has an iridescent quality so it will work with a variety of different outfits due to the colours within the leather. The cork footbed will act as a cushion under your foot providing all day comfort. This shoe comes with a royal blue & fuchsia ribbons but you can switch them out to match your outfits to make it that bit more
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