The Royal Ascot

Congratulations to yesterdays winners!!

We are proud that there are many Chanii B’s to be seen at this magnificent event, not to mention a few bespoke! There are at least 10 pairs at Ascot every year and growing!

Remember we make them to your requirements to complement your new frock or even that new hat! Many Chanii B customers come in specifically to have a pair of Chanii B’s for the races. Then they find a dress and hat to show off their fabulous shoes!

After all Ascot is considered a fashion event in its own right, "the Royal meeting is a whirlwind of excitement and colour", it is the perfect opportunity to get out your Chanii B...not that you really need an excuse.

When it comes to the dress code there are guidelines and sophistication is key.. and a hat!! However shoes... there's only really two things all you ladies want... comfort and style. I'm sure you agree!! That is why Chanii B is a popular choice for ladies attending The Royal Ascot...especially now I offer a bespoke service.

So here is my top picks for this years event...

A big trend at this years event has been white, white with 'pops of colour' and white accessories. To nail this trend look no further than our beautiful Rainbow unicorn "Honey" and "Coco". The heel is perfect for walking around in thanks to the wearable heel height and rubber composite sole, which flexes EXACTLY where you need it. The hide is iridescent rainbow and teamed with stunning foil leathers which is a show stopper at Chanii B! The ingenious cow hide is also amazing in the rain and mud so you do not need to have a back up if the weather lets you down.

Oh and they are very sexy too!


Why not get the stunning "Aurelie" bag in pink foil leather, to pull out the foil in your shoes? The zipper closure and wrist strap will keep your stuff secure and your hands free.

Hidden Cork footbeds are always a good option for all day comfort and wearability. "Alouette", "Gentile" and "Salute" are big winners... we think Gentile red patent will look stunning teamed with that simple white dress you're all being spotted in, particularly if you like a low heel!!

The shoe to pack a punch. "Serpent", available in Rose gold, Grey snake and Black and white...a colour to suit any outfit. Again incorporating that flexible rubber composite sole and wearable heel height.

Lets not forget the stunning and much loved "Tresor" and "Bebe".

Tresor - Flirty ruffle and contrast leathers,available in a variety of colours.

Bebe - Loved for it's platform and stripes, which add fun to the outfit as well as making the style super easy to wear.

Good luck to everyone participating today!!

Keep an eye out for next seasons limited edition winners for Ascot….

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I really like the gentile red, but would want it with the elegant height, shape and decorative heel of its black friend.
Thank you for providing beautiful shoes one can confidently walk in, and thank you for going up to size 42/8.

Maria Lyons

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