We are excited to announce Chantal is going to be an Author!!

We are very excited to announce that our designer extraordinaire Chantal is making an appearance in the fourth installation of 
'I Am a Brilliant Woman".

 Launch date September 27th!

We love our customers here at Chanii B & you lucky people are among the
first to know about this exciting date
The anticipation is killing us here at Chanii B! Why, you ask?
Due to Chantal's success over the years; both as an innovative designer and more to the point here, as a woman in the ever patriarchal world of business, she has been selected by author and visionary Karen Klassen for her inspiring tale of a young Canadian woman with a dream, transformed into the strong businesswoman, wife & mother she is today. 

Karen Klassen's series "I Am a Brilliant Woman" has made a colossal impact on the lives of women all over the world. The much-awaited 4th volume features 10 uplifting and inspiring stories of women, like our lovely Chantal, who have fought, often against the odds to become shining stars in the world of business and in their personal lives.
Pre-orders for this eye-opening book are available & will be signed by Chantal.

To get your hands on a signed copy please email us at -
info@chaniib.com with the subject 'Book PreOrder'
Dates and times of the book signing are to be
announced in the near future so keep an eye out or a shoe in!!!
We also have something else to announce...

As of next Sunday, we are starting our weekly blog so you can hear more about the  Chanii B story from the very first shoe to the thriving business it is today. You'll get to know all of us too!
Stay in the know with announcements about new designs and deals!!

Keep an eye on the blog for more information about the book signings and
readings that Chantal will be holding
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