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Riche - White newsprint Handbag

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Luxurious medium-sized white and black handbag. The leather strap is red-copper metallic ( to match the Excuse Moi lace-up shoe.)

Also with pre-order you can choose which colour of strap you wish, the fuchsia- to match the pointure white with fuchsia? 

or a black strap- so you have a black and white strap.

This beautiful bag has two ways that you can wear it, one short double handle that tucks away and one long adjustable strap that you can wear over the shoulder or across the body. This bag also has a zipper closure to keep all your valuables safe. All Chanii B Riche bags are limited editions, signed and number by the designer.

  • Beautiful interest leather
  • Double handle function allows you to wear the bag over the shoulder, across the body or handheld. 


This handbag is also available in the following colours: