The new and improved Chanii B site

The new and improved Chanii B site

How exciting, Chanii.B now has a blog! So, I can now keep all of my lovely ladies up to date with Chanii.B from designs and trends to news and events. 

So here is our brand new website, long time coming, but I hope you all see it as a great improvement from the last! We are all extremely happy with it here at Chanii.B H.Q. You can now filter your searches by colour or leather type for example, so you can find that perfect shoe as quick as you could if you were in store with me or one of my girls. You can also just browse shoes in your size if you aren't after anything in particular.

Obviously, we don't want our wicked website to replace us so still pop in and have a personal fitting with us, we would love to see you. we have a late night shopping event tomorrow until 8pm, where we will be serving mince pies and Baileys to warm you up.

Also, as it is "Black Friday" we are offering 15% discount in store and online. So, treat yourself to something special, you deserve it. x


If you have any teething issues or can't find a certain product please do not hesitate to let us know. You can still order over the phone.

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