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Hello ladies! We’re fast approaching party season now, which means going into full-scale panic mode when you realise you don’t have the perfect pair of shoes to accompany your brand new party outfit. Maybe you're worried your big day might not be as perfect as you originally planned, when you realise you can’t find a wedding shoe that pushes the boundaries a little further than just the classic satin styles. But, let the panic end here!

At Chanii B, I am offering a unique service that will solve all of your outfit dilemmas… Chanii B Bespoke!! This is an extremely exciting experience that not many luxury footwear and accessory brands like mine offer.

As I’m sure you already know, I have a vast range of special shoes that compare to nothing you’ll find on the high street. However, even I can’t create something for everything (yet!) and so when there’s nothing in store for you, my bespoke service will make sure every box is ticked for your perfect pair.

It works in two different ways.

  1. Recolour an existing style from my vast array of swatches to perfectly partner with your outfit.
  2. Work closely alongside me to create a one of a kind design specific to you and your request.


Why not add an extra touch of WOW to your Chanii B’s? My personalisation service can add the little bonuses to your shoes to make them as you wish, whether it be Swarovski crystal embellished heels for a bigger sparkle when you walk, encrusted initials or the changing of leathers. It’s all possible!

We can even make matching accessories on request such as clutch bags.

Price will depend on the request, feel free to call us up, email or come in store to chat to us about cost estimations.

Full Chanii B Bespoke Design

For the most discerning women, I can offer you a fully bespoke shoe… From scratch, never seen before, working on every single detail with me including the creation of a new last.

As services like this are so rare and special it will mean looking at longer timescales and the costs are commensurate but the results are so outstanding and exceptional to anything you’ll ever see it’s definitely worth the consideration!

How Does it Work?

  • Book your private consultation with me, where we can discuss ideas, themes and inspirations, feel free to bring a friend!
  • Try on my vast range of shoes to find your perfect shoe shape, fit and heel.
  • I’ll bring along my hundreds of leather swatches and we can discuss and select the perfect leathers for your bespoke shoes. I have everything from pony skin to iridescent foils and anything in between!

You’re welcome to drop in and discuss your dream shoe whenever the desire arrives, and if I’m not around just book an appointment for us to meet and create your hearts desire. To help you understand more about this service, answer any burning questions you may have and to help you start the process I am holding a "Design Workshop" in the Bath shop on Saturday 12th November 2016.

For any Enquiries

Simply call 01225 333693, drop us an email on or pop in store at Milsom Place to talk to me or any of my girls.

I look forward to meeting you!

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