Forever Friends Appeal

Forever Friends Appeal

It's soon to be Chanii.B's 4th year, in the UK, and we were thinking what can we do to celebrate in the classic Chanii.B style? Then we thought, it's all about you girls and providing you with beautiful shoes and bags, and in return you come out with the funniest sayings, so we thought why don't we make a wall - technically window - full of quotes and sayings celebrating why people love shoes, bags and even more Chanii.B!! So it goes like this...You give us a quote and we write it down then we will sticky note your quotes to the window in the shape of a heart, which I am sure will become out of control like your Chanii.B passion. 

You have encouraged me to keep this "pop up" shop and keep my passion to create beautiful shoes and bags growing and I want to give something back to you. So for every quote written and posted on the window I will donate £1 to the charity FOREVER FRIENDS and RUH cancer care. This will be running up until Chanii.B's 4th birthday at the Milsom Place shop on May 20th. x

Keep following and send us your quotes!

My favourite this week is "Happy Feet Happy Soul"

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