Showing the love – Small Business Saturday is here again!

Don’t you just love it when you’re out shopping and you stumble across a really exciting, inspiring shop selling gorgeous things you just can’t wait to buy and show to someone? It’s about my favourite thing, after shoes of course.


In high streets all over the UK, and the world, small independent businesses are fighting to get noticed in the sea of giant brands and global corporations. In many towns and cities, you’ll find the same coffee houses and shops selling the same range of mass-produced products. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain as much as the next person, but there is nothing nicer than happening upon a shop or a bakery or a café where someone is doing something really different, using their creativity and their entrepreneurial talent to make a go of it.


Small Business Saturday is all about those people. It’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating and promoting the vibrant independent shops and businesses that are the beating heart of our shopping streets, making sure you have choice and variety.


People like us! The small, passionate and dedicated Chanii B team that work so hard to bring exciting, original, unusual designer footwear and bags to ladies in Bath, and all over the UK and overseas.  


It’s not easy being an independent designer in the footwear industry, but we are blazing our trail thanks to the energy and commitment of our team, and the support of our amazing customers who keep on showing the love, and choosing to buy their shoes, boots and bags from us, a small but perfectly formed independent designer label.


Small Business Saturday is about celebrating that spirit – you, the customer, and us, the independent retailer – and how we can keep the heart of our high streets and our home grown creative talent alive and kicking. 


So go out there this weekend and show the love to all the small businesses that keep your local shopping experience so varied and interesting! And if you’re in Bath, visiting the Christmas market, or popping in to do a bit of shopping, don’t forget to pop in and say hello! 




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