The Chanii B Diaries - Entry 10 Zippettes

Welcome to the Chanii B diaries where we will be taking you on a journey to discover more about Chanii B and the designer behind it!

The next Chapter of the Chanii B diaries is going to explore Zippette.
When the Zippette's were first introduced everyone loved the perforated upper, and cut out sides making it perfect for Summer! Now the Zippette has evolved into a year-round bootie. The rubber composite sole makes it perfect for walking around in and the cut-out makes them easy to slip them on the morning. 
After the success of the first three colours, Chantal decided to add more colours each season for Zippette. They now come in a variety of colours and finishes, including velvet uppers and sequined back pieces. Zippette is one of the most popular boots here at Chanii B
One of the bestselling Zippette's shown down below - Crush
Another new colour in Zippette just landed in-store this week for AW2019. The subtle copper colour and mermaid sequins on the back make this bootie perfect for when you want to wear something a bit glitzy. The sequins on the back are also reversible so if you flip them up they turn from multicoloured to a stunning blue colour. Grab your size now as they are extremely limited!
Check back next Sunday to see the next installment of the Chanii B diaries. 
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Tried on a pair of zipette in Bath and needed size 39, the ones I wanted were iridescent but they didn’t have my size, will they be re-stocked, if so when.?

Sue Stanford

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