Trends from Lineapelle for Spring 2024

Trends from Lineapelle for Spring 2024

It's January 24th 2023

I am truly into the swing of things when the start of the year is started off so exciting with 2 awards under my belt. One for the shop in Bath and another for my design talent. ( I'll tell you about it in my next blog) and now here I am at Ham yard hotel in London. What a venue as well.. ( I come here 2x a year) everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes.. It never gets old. I am always excited for the decor and full of colour everywhere.. it inspires me just to be here. However this time we are looking at all the leathers from the tanneries in Europe... many materials of eco fabrics and eco leathers are now here.. setting us designers up for the future of sustainable and ethical leathers and processes for future developments and productions. We are working our way to zero waste in 3 years and that is a tall order..

So what is coming? what colours? leathers? 

Well its not black that is a relief.. as it has been for the colour cards for some years... however black and white monochrome is still there...

Glossy, embroidery, naturals- dyed with coffee and leaves. Copper will be the new gold

Quilted, tattoo, interlacing and lace ( yes the return of lace -Idrija in Slovenia has a museum dedicated to the art of lace making ) I am inspired... I believe I can create something very fresh for next Spring 2024 including lace details. Could be a great wedding trend to develop 

For this spring I have embroidery and tattoo hand painted on my footwear so keep your eyes out..I am ahead of the curve for so many trends and 

I am also excited to see patent make a strong return for next spring as I have already incorporated patent for AW2023. 

There is mention of handmade and perforations and iridescent which is a Chanii B signature for all spring season as I am sure you know. 

As I have mentioned when asked in the store how I am inspired.. I always reply it is a bit of everything. Trend shows, architecture, movies, world events, my travels and meeting my customers in the Bath shop. 

Here is to a fantastic 2023 where colours and unique styes are flowig from my mind to paper and made with love in Portugal

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