Behind the scenes of Chanii B (...and an exclusive look at AW18)

Behind the scenes of Chanii B (...and an exclusive look at AW18)

Behind every great brand is a lot of hard work, exciting excursions and a small dose of stress, here’s a little insight into a typical season in the life of Chanii B...

Trend Shows

This February the Chanii B team took a biannual trip to London to attend Lineapelle leather fair. Can you believe we’re already thinking about Summer 2019? Talk about trying to live in the moment! Lineapelle allows us to discover all the big trend predictions and how to stay ahead, it’s a fantastic place to inspire us and source some exquisite, top-quality leathers from all over the world.

As you know, we don’t necessarily follow all the big trends, we like to be a couple steps ahead of them, but there’s nothing wrong with finding out what everyone else is going to be up to. Here’s a little hint, expect lots of nudes, botanical prints, combinations of natural and manufactured textures and of course iridescents but maybe with some pearlescents too.

Factory Visits

We have three very charming family-run factories in the north of Portugal that create our wearable masterpieces, two for shoes and one for handbags. The beginning of February welcomes in a trip to the factories, (and a nice, early, dose of Spring weather!).

Mission number one is to approve and amend our newly produced AW18 samples, it’s the first look at the next season and to say we get excited would be a massive understatement. It would be unfair to tell you that we know what next Autumn might look like and not share a few sneak peek images, but let’s just keep it as our little secret…

Mission number two is to check up on production, by this time of the year the factories will be adding the finishing touches to our beautiful summer shoes. This is a great time to check everything is as it should be before we ship our shoes off to our oversees customers as well as for ourselves.

Mission number three is to have some creative fun. In any spare moments we come across, we’ll be off to every leather warehouse, heel supplier and trimmings showroom we can find! After all, Lineapelle has filled us with so many great ideas it’s time to get sourcing what we’re going to use.

Trade Shows

Shortly after hand-carrying our samples back from Portugal it’s time for Chantal to go back to the Airport and display her AW18 line at Canadian shoe shows. This year Chanii B attended Toronto and Vancouver, and it’s safe to say that the response to her newest line was incredible. For all of our American and Canadian customers, keep an eye out you might have Chanii B popping up near you this Autumn!



And that takes us to now, things are slightly calmer again. Chantal and her design apprentice, Chrissie, are busy sketching and mood-boarding for next Summer and we’re all choosing what Chanii Bs we’re going to be wearing once the weather gets warmer.

Is there anything you’d love to see next summer? We want to know!

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