Chanii B

Chanii B Shoes and Accessories is a luxury shoe brand based in Bath, designed and created by internationally renowned designer Chantal Pilon – for women who love shoes with a different style to the mainstream.

At Chanii B, we are passionate about creating shoes and boots that make women look - and feel - amazing. We travel the world looking for ideas and inspiration, leather and skins, colours and finishes that allow us to make our beautiful, comfortable and stylish shoes. We research and follow the latest trends, and often bring new looks to the high street before bigger retailers. But we don’t lose sight of the importance of individual style, and our shoes are the ultimate in self expression for women who want more - and who aren’t slaves to the latest fashions.

Chanii B is also passionate about quality and comfort. We use the most exquisite leathers and skins from all over the world, and our shoes are designed to be wearable, and to last. We only work with small family run factories in Portugal who can cope with the detail and complexity of our individual designs.

The designer, Chantal Pilon has worked in the shoe industry all her life, aswell as growing up with shoe design in her family. She began as a child in the family shoe business in her native Canada, later following her dreams to London where she studied at the prestigious Cordwainers College. She was quickly approached and snapped up by the likes of Clarks and Kenneth Cole to name a few.

After working for these well known designers, Chantal created her own brand, Chanii B, which is an expression of everything that Chantal believes is important in shoes. Chanii B exudes style, individuality, creative flair, a touch of sexiness, all with a bit of an edge – just like Chantal.