Introducing Sarah Baker - Chanii B's Inspirational Woman of the Year 2017

Introducing Sarah Baker - Chanii B's Inspirational Woman of the Year 2017

Chanii B is really excited to announce a new partnership with the fabulous Sarah Baker – the Bath-based queen of blogging, fashion and all things social. Chanii B, a brand that stands for bold, independent women of style, has chosen Sarah to be our Inspirational Woman of the Year, as we have been so inspired by the way Sarah has dealt with and written about her recent experiences of cancer. From diagnosis, to treatment, and thankfully the road recovery – a long and sometimes painful journey, which is by no means complete – Sarah has openly shared her experiences.

Sarah was diagnosed last year with a relatively unknown cancer called Sarcoma, and has blogged and written about the ups and the downs, the good times and the bad, not so much for her own benefit – although she will openly admit that it can be therapeutic to say it all out – but in the hope that others will take something from it. Perhaps someone who is having their own experience of battling cancer, and all the stresses and strains it puts on family life, career, the very basics of day to day life; or perhaps in raising awareness of this cancer that has such a high mortality rate as it is so hard to spot.

Sarah was already on Chanii B’s radar thanks to her fabulous PR and social media work for Bath in Fashion, and her Girl about Town column for BathMums, her own Sarah Baker column in the Bath Chronicle “Weekend” magazine … but it was reading about her one-woman mission to defy this cancer that marked her out as our kind of gal.

Aside from the physical trauma of treatment, including surgery and radio therapy, and the emotional impact on her family life, Sarah has also had to face the challenge of rethinking how she dresses, as her sarcoma was a large tumour in the soft tissue of her calf muscle. Trying to find boots or jeans to fit was a practical challenge, but on a more basic level, Sarah has eloquently expressed how hard it is to still dress to feel stylish, glamorous or even sexy – something we can easily take for granted.

So our partnership is launching with Sarah choosing herself a pair of shoes or boots of her choice – something that is comfortable, wearable, but also chic and feminine. After all, however bad you feel, and whatever else you’re wearing, there’s nothing like a fabulous pair of shoes to lift your spirits and pep up your outfit, is there ladies?!

This is where Chanii B and Sarah are well matched, as our whole philosophy in shoe design is combining wearability and style. Quality, butter-soft leathers inside and out, and cleverly designed heel shapes, adjustable uppers, platforms, cork footbeds, shapely toe shapes – together, these create the imitable Chanii B shoe or boot. Stylish, sexy, feminine, but comfortable enough to wear all day or party in all night.


Watch this space to find out which pair Sarah Baker chooses….

And we are also naming Sarah’s charity of choice - Sarcoma UK – as the charity we will support for the coming year, and all of our in-store fundraising activity throughout the year will go to this important charity whose mission is to amplify sarcoma awareness, inspire involvement, and fund ground-breaking research to transform the lives of everyone affected by sarcoma. We have kicked this off with our charity weekend which was held on mothers day weekend, 25th and 26th March, where we donated £15 from every item sold to Sarcoma UK. Find out more at

Thank-you to everyone who helped us support Sarah and raise money for Sarcoma UK! Stay tuned for the next fundraising event coming our way.

We are really looking forward to working together with Sarah over the coming year – keep reading our blog and following us on social media to find out more.


You can read more about Sarah Baker here:

Facebook: @sarahbakerblogs 

Twitter: @TheFabBakerBlog

Insta: @sarahbakerblogs



What your money means to Sarcoma UK:

“With your help, we are investing over half a million pounds into sarcoma research this year. This is taking the sarcoma community one step closer to finding an effective treatment for the disease within the next 10 years. You can check out the ground-breaking studies you are already helping to fund on our website:



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