The Chanii B Diaries - Entry 6 cork footbed continues...

Welcome to the Chanii B diaries where we will be taking you on a journey to discover more about Chanii B and the designer behind it!

The next Chapter of the Chanii B diaries is exploring the world of cork footbeds...
Cork footbeds and soles are natural, heat resistant, and long-wearing and the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they'll be for you. This is because the natural heat from your feet helps the footbed mold to the shape of your foot.

Our cork footbed shoes fit wider than our other shoes so we suggest going down a size.

Gentile is a laser-cut sandal in beautiful leather its a low heeled version of Alouette. The curves within the cutout design will be striking against the foot thanks to the solid coloured leather. Constructed on a cork footbed these shoes will provide you with all day comfort as well as individuality. 

Alouette is an amazing laser cut sandal in beautiful black patent leather and pink stripe and is a higher heeled version of Gentile.  A unique abstract heel style on a cork footbed which will provide you with all day comfort and support

Mon Chou is a cork foot-bed ankle boot with a heel. The lace up detailing allows you to adjust the shoe so it holds your foot perfectly, then has an easy zip fastening to make it quick and simple to wear this beautiful boot. The cork foot-bed not only provides you with amazing cushioning and comfort but also acts as a platform, reducing the heel height from 3.25" to 2.25"

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