Welcome to our blog! This is where you can find out more about what goes on behind the scenes at Chanii B, from the travels of our designer and owner, Chantal Pilon, to the antics of the girls in the shop in Bath.

Forever Friends Appeal

Charity Event Forever friends appeal Milsom Place designer RUH charity

It's soon to be Chanii.B's 4th year, in the UK, and we were thinking what can we do to celebrate in the classic Chanii.B style? Then we thought, it's all about you girls and providing you with beautiful shoes and bags, and in return you come out with the funniest sayings, so we thought why don't we make a wall - technically window - full of quotes and sayings celebrating why people love shoes, bags and even more Chanii.B!! So it goes like this...You give us a quote and we write it down then we will sticky note your quotes...

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The Dream Team!

Happy January! I hope the holiday season has been wonderful for you all!Last year was a huge success for me and Chanii B. This year marks the 5th year Chanii B has been walking the world on the feet of exciting people with adventurous lives like you. I hope your Chanii B's have been comfortable and made your special days fabulous and ones to remember! I will be sharing with you exciting stories and inspirations throughout the year, and my journey of design and passion that makes Chanii B so unique from the average shoe company! For the first blog...

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It has been a busy few weeks, especially with Christmas on it's way! In the store we've been rushed off of our feet fitting you lovely ladies with your winter boots and party shoes for the festive season, along with preparing the new AW/16 line, exciting! As well as organising a Christmas meal for my girls and buying gifts for my boys, I went to see Madonna. WOW! AMAZING! That was like a concert, performance and circus all in one. It has really inspired me. I am disappointed with the weather though! What's up with it? Where is the snow?...

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The new and improved Chanii B site

How exciting, Chanii.B now has a blog! So, I can now keep all of my lovely ladies up to date with Chanii.B from designs and trends to news and events.  So here is our brand new website, long time coming, but I hope you all see it as a great improvement from the last! We are all extremely happy with it here at Chanii.B H.Q. You can now filter your searches by colour or leather type for example, so you can find that perfect shoe as quick as you could if you were in store with me or one of...

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