Je Suis-White Newspaper-Fuchsia

Je Suis-White Newspaper-Fuchsia

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White newspaper print and fuchsia.. so pretty and easy to match everything. all leather upper and lined. Rubber sole

 very tough wearing. Adjust the instep strap to your foot. 

great for all widths

Wonderful cork cushioned and fabulous toe wrap ( doesn't hurt toes) . 

wear for work ( if you can wear open toes) 

or working from home ( always best to wear 1 inch heel when at home- bad for the feet and back wearing bare feet)

holidays! oh yes please!!

dress them up or dress them down.. in Chanii B style.

If we are not sure where this 2021 will take us- holidays or working more at home.. these are the ideal sandal to see you through every day when you are not wearing your heels and sneakers.

walk walk walk!!!